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Do I Really Know It All?

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Of course not! I'm a happy grandmother who has reached the age where I should have learned a lot of things. Sharing many things I've learned the hard way and along the way will be a big part of this blog. I'm also a person who loves to learn new things and I hope to share some helpful things that can be fun for us all.

I also love to laugh about a lack of wisdom or mistakes that can be laughed at and learned from. So, sometimes there will be a little sarcasm as well as snarkiness. Occasionally laughing at my mistakes has taught me how to survive the crazy and painful times in life.

I'm a follower in Christ, so you'll see my beliefs reflected in my writing. This is not a blog that covers politics and political comments will be deleted. There are other sites that discuss politics, so please use those to express your opinions. In following Christ, I believe in sharing His love and treating others with care and concern.


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