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Do You Know Me?

Because I'm writing a blog for Christian women, you may already have some ideas about who I am and why I'm writing. I'll start off with my blog name: Mature Christ Follower. I selected this title because I'm a mature woman of age 61. I'm calling myself a Christ follower because I prefer what this name means.

I had called myself a Christian since I prayed to receive Christ's free gift of salvation. Even at the nine, I remember feeling 'whiter than snow' and was filled with joy. I began to grow in faith and loved attending my Baptist church. Thankfully, I was in attendance every time the doors were open.

This led to my faith growing as I learned to study the Bible and follow Christ. I later learned that this was called the process of sanctification. My journey has many ups and downs, times of contentment and times of discontent.

I am now at an age that I can be referred to as "mature" in length of life. Over these years God has provided the grace to reach some level of Christian maturity. Having been given some wisdom, I can easily look back with great hindsight.

The times in my life that were best were those in which I was obedient to God. As a younger Christian it seemed to be more complex. With age and understanding, the Holy Spirit was much more obvious.

As you see, I'm not a perfect person and certainly not a perfect Christ follower. I'm not an influencer trying to sell something. I've just been convicted to share my journey to become a Mature Christ Follower.

@2023, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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