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God Alone

The world we live in doesn't care that we follow Jesus. In fact, most of what we hear doesn't make it easy to follow Him. Instead of following God's word, we are encouraged to do it all ourselves.

We hear so many messages through movies, commercials, billboards, famous speakers, books and more that strive to keep us focused on ourselves.

This type of focus is designed to keep us from following Jesus. When we focus on ourselves, we are not obeying or trusting God. When we depend on ourselves for our happiness and fulfillment we will fail and we deny the unbelievable blessing of living in His will.

One of the things God showed me is how ingrained the lies of the world are in my own mind. And, it's not just me. Many Christian books today are printed with phrases that we should avoid. I'm speaking about affirmations that we are encouraged to believe and repeat to ourselves until we've reached the goal we want.

These affirmations are only dangerous because they make us believe that we can do everything by ourselves and we won't need God. The worldly affirmations have no place in the lives of Christian women.

This is why I put together a little Bible study that can show us the truth about affirmations. In this e-booklet you'll find 30 affirmations. I have heard these and even repeated some of them. With each of these, I've included Bible verses that can teach us the truth. I hope that it will bless you as it has me.

You may download this free ebook or just read it here. Thank you.

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