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How's Your Quiet Time?

At a young age my Sunday School teacher told me about Quiet Time. It was a new concept, but I was excited, being a new Christian. We were given little booklets to help establish a routine of quiet times with God.

A a child/teen in the '70's, we heard plenty of lessons and sermons about how to spend time with God. I had a good bit of free time, which made it easy to have a Quiet Time. I could do this in my bedroom, living room, or backyard. It was also easy, because my parents encouraged me to do this.

When I went to college, I was also encouraged to have a Quiet Time. My time was still my own time in college. But once I was married and had children, finding time for a Quiet Time was nearly impossible!

When our children could make sense of it, we had family devotionals. This was a precious time, but most of the time was watching and trying to control the children. As we taught our children about having a quiet time, our attention was on their spiritual needs. I don't regret this at all, because that's why God let us be their parents.

We homeschooled our children, so there was plenty of time to spend learning Bible verses and teaching them to pray. While I was teaching this, it was also a way to teach me. I was encouraged by God as He taught me. My prayer life and Bible time increased and I felt very close to the Lord.

Now, my kids are all grown. I am retired, so I can have my Quiet Time anytime I want. My favorite time is after breakfast. I can fill up a mug of coffee and sit in a soft chair. Having good light is helpful. I can have a clear mind (one ready to concentrate) when my room is neat and uncluttered.

I do have struggles with this. Every day is a new day, and sometimes I don't want to have a Quiet Time. Some things that can cause this are: feeling sick, had an argument with a loved one, or any type of stress/depression. I try to obey God and read His Word, and then I like to read verses that are bringing me to where I spiritually need to be.

Quiet Times have certainly accomplished in me exactly what God intended. As He still has much to teach me, I look forward to being more of what God wants.

@2023, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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