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Meal Planning Made Easy

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

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The best way to have a wonderful week of menus and to save money is to have a Meal Plan. Planning prevents waste and those last-minute reasons to eat out or order in. Don't be caught with nothing to cook or missing the one ingredient you need to complete a meal idea.

Meal planning can be as simple as a scrap piece of paper or an elaborate meal planning notebook. I prefer simple, but effective, downloadable pages. You can create your own attractive notebook and let this become a part of each week. You'll be able to keep track of special-day meals and those busy days when you need to plan a crock-pot meal.

Tips for Meal Planning:

Brainstorm for some good meal ideas.

  • Plan around what you have in your pantry and freezer.

  • Plan meals around sale items in your grocery flyer.

  • Select food items with a variety of nutrients.

  • Plan around any food restrictions in your family.

  • Plan for all meals and snacks that you will need.

  • Get organized with your Meal Planner.

  • If you Meal Prep, get good quality divided containers for each family member.

  • Keep stock of essentials.

  • Meal Plan once a week.

  • Mark meals that are favorites and add them to a future meal plan.

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