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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." Matthew 6:34

Last night, as I was talking with one of my adult children, this verse came to mind. He was worried and dreading things in the future. I've always told my children that most of the stuff we worry about never happens.

I reminded him to look back on the past and the present to acknowledge all the good things God has provided. He has blessed us physically, financially, and so many other ways. I told him to write down those things and thank God for each one.

This reminder is for me, too. I am often anxious about my health, my husband's health, and our future home. I need to focus on all of God's answers to my prayers. I need to focus on what He wants me to do today.

It's impossible to know the future, but we still try. We're concerned about our retirement money....will we have enough? My husband's cancer and my many diseases are worrisome, because we don't know how long God will give us on this earth.

Every day is another temptation to worry, and I must trust God with whatever is making me anxious. Some days are easier than others, but trusting grows with my life as a Christ follower.

Being a mature Christ follower means that we have lived through many good times and bad times. Through it all, I've become so much more grateful and I know where my blessings have come from.

Lately, affirmations have replaced wisdom from the Bible. Affirmations that are popular always point to the 'fact' that I can do anything and be anything I desire. These also lead people to rely on their inner power instead of depending on the Savior.

Matthew 6:34 teaches so much! God's word is perfect and I know that I must trust it in every circumstance. Joy is the result when I remember God's amazing goodness.

@2023, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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