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Thanks for stopping by today.  I've been a blogger since 2013, but this new blog is the one I'm most excited about.  This blog won't be for making money.  I'm starting here because I believe that it's what God expects of me.  

I'm a 61 year-old wife, mother, and grandmother.  My calling was to be the mother of three children and three grandchildren.  I can't get enough of the little ones who call me Mimi.  

The Bible says that the older women should teach the younger.  This is not easy to do, because older women are often invisible.  I'm old enough to have lived through many things, good and bad. So many lessons have been learned the hard way, but i'm so thankful for all the grace given to me by my Savior.

My goal is to share with you what I'm learning about God.  Feel free to comment on my posts.  - no politics, please!

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